Buying a Fishing Licence is easy… follow these steps!

BUYING A FISHING LICENCE – The Victorian Government requires all anglers, including clients on Fishing Charter Vessels, to be in possession of a current Recreational Fishing License ( RFL). An RFL can be purchased online with a credit card or retail fishing tackle stores.. Southern Fishing Charters Sorrento does not sell fishing licenses on board.Unless you are exempt, a RFL is required when taking, or attempting to take, any species of fish by any method including line fishing, bait collection, gathering shellfish, yabby fishing, prawning and spear fishing.

WHO IS EXEMPT? – You will not need a licence to fish if you are: Under 18 years of age, 70 years of age or over. Also if you are a holder of a Victorian Seniors Card, Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Card, Veterans’ Affairs Repatriation Health Card coded (TPI), Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card coded either (DSP), (DSP Blind), (AGE), (AGE Blind) or (CAR).

HERES A BREAK DOWN – An RFL can be purchased for the following periods:
48 Hours: $6
28 Hours: $11
1 Year: $22

Fisheries Officers are constantly on patrol and if you are not in possession of an RFL licence penalties will apply.